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NEW Product!

D&Wp Smoke Box Version 1.1

A unique and innovative new product providing an in depth background on smoking and communicating the dangers and the methods of 'quitting' smoking?

D&Wp have taken the legal drug Tobacco, which is included in the D&Wp Drug Box, and created a whole new resource on the subject. The D&Wp Smoke Box accurately represents and addresses the scale of the problems that smoking has caused.

The durable and lockable flight case contains three trays in which there are 8 crystal cases containing the individual items. These crystal cases are removable and each tray slot and case are numbered and bear comprehensive details on appearance, how used, effects and risks.

The D&Wp Smoke Box is provided with all the necessary resource back up material that our customers rely on to immediately put their new resource to work.

New ProductSmoke Box
Upgraded D&Wp Smoke Box V1.1

Each box has a colour explanatory book covering all of the D&Wp Smoke Box contents, which can be downloaded from the D&Wp website by registered customers.
Version 1.1 Upgrade Kit
The standard D&Wp Smoke Box includes 21 items (seven in each tray); an eighth item for each tray is available as an optional upgrade which may be ordered at the same time as your purchase of a D&Wp Drug Box or at a later date. Current update contains:
8-Cigarette Additives
16-Health & Fitness
24-Electronic Cigarette

For more information on the contents of the three trays please click here:


The latest version of the D&Wp Smoke Box is
version 1.1. If you would like to upgrade your box, please click here:


Smoke Box Version 1.1 Standard £499
+ VAT & Carriage

Smoke Box Version 1.1 Upgraded £565
+ VAT & Carriage

Product Data
Height 325 mm
Depth 140 mm
Width 570 mm
Weight 7 kg