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D&Wp Safer Sex Flash Cards

D&Wp Safer Sex Flash Cards, two sets covering a range of 16 Contraceptives and 10 S.T.I's. with explicit medical content. A duplicate set of S.T.I. Flash Cards are also included with the explicit images omitted for use with young people or the very squeamish! 

They are freshly redesigned to be clearly visible from a distance, or passed out amongst a group. Each card is laminated in thick plastic for durability and sets are contained within a strong moulded case.

Experience shows that D&Wp Flash Cards are still one of the most effective training tools. 
With one side bearing the subject introduction and the other the detailed substance information, they are ideal for classroom or lecture situations. 
You can create your own training games, e.g. pass the cards around or place them face down so only the name and picture appear. Ideal for testing the subject's knowledge against the information on the rear of the card: there are no limits to your imagination on how to mix the Flash Cards into your training session

Please click here for more information on the contents of Set One


Please click here for more information on the contents of Set Two


Safer Sex Fllashcards
D&Wp Safer Sex Flash Cards, Sets 1 & 2

Flashcard Front

Flashcard Rear
Side one bears the item name and image, side two gives in depth details about the item.

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Product Data (Single Card - Pack)
Height 150mm 40 mm
Depth 0.5mm 170 mm
Width 210mm 240 mm
Weight 20g 1 kg